VELETRZNI PALAC / NG invites every Tuesday and Wednesday for summer rooftop cinema

25. 06. 2016, PHOTOREPORT

Letna from above and quality films organised by Veletrzni Palace.


Seats waiting for the visitors.


Of course they first wanted to enjoy the view on all possible directions. And refresh themselves with a drink or something small to bite.


To watch Dukelskych hrdinu Street was pretty fun, lighted Bohnice and Kobylisy in the background.


Definitely worth taking a picture:)


Just be aware of the private rooftop balconies, the man in the right bottom corner was not really happy to see a camera bigger than an I-phone 🙂


Film Lea was introduced by the art director Ivan Fíla.


A dark film about a girl that does not speak and writes poetry for her dead mother. A film about complicated human relationships.


Films are mainly in original sound with subtitles. Follow our event calendar for further film sessions and don´t forget that you can come every Tuesday and Wednesday. You may do Your reservation here.