Podcast #022 | Täino

Podcast #022 | Täino

24. 11. 2017, podcast

Yunis Safarov| Täino | Age 23

Born in Russia, raised in Baku and residing in Prague. Täino is a recent figure in the Prague house and techno scene, however he has quickly established himself as a passionate and dedicated atmosphere-maker. Originating from Azerbaijan – he discovered the underground sound in the beginning of his residency in Prague by absorbing and experiencing the local scene. Through the continuous exploration of the scene he went on to discover and expand his current influences – both prominent and subtle. His musical selection ranges from house to techno and electronica however most of his performances rely on heavy and deep 4/4 beats. Most of his sets can be described as a compilation of melodic, melancholic, ethereal and bleepy sounds ranging well within the deep-house/tech-house & techno genres.

You might be curious about the name etymology so (tä-ē′nō) means “the good people” – Good music for the good people.

If you want to see Täino live these days you can check-in at Sundaze party this Saturday or later in December visit TWIST at Bukanyr and also When Planets Align at Vlkova 26. Check our calendar for dates and detailed info.

For those who prefer listening at home, you can check Täino’s first official release on BEEF records along with Roman Rai.

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