Podcast #021 | Yacube

Podcast #021 | Yacube

31. 10. 2017, podcast

Jakub Škrovánek | Yacube | Age 31

Bewitching look, black dress code but not a techno addict. We’re kicking off a new round of our podcast series with a return back to good old house music. Jakub is a bit discreet person of Prague’s scene but since he had moved here, he definitively has left left a good track record. Originally from Dubnica (Slovakia) he’s part of long row of Slovaks who picked Prague as their hometown. He’s saying he’s still visiting, well it looks it went bit off the hook. Are you still considered as expat when you’re living here for almost ten years? “I consider myself as expat náplavka” he said when I asked him. FYI – náplavka is a kind of a term for expats or newcomers.

He started with the music together with his friends in Dubnica where they formed Wavetune crew. But as he’s saying, that is a long time ago and there is not much left now from the original crew. Different people, different life stories. Still in Slovakia, the party name Possitiva! was born and later brought to Prague together with Jakub. The rest of the crew now does not actively play so he didn’t want to create a new name for Prague edition. Why not when it worked over time.. For now Possitiva! has a new home in Cross club where Jakub booked already interesting names of house and deep house scene. Few names just as a recap – S.A.M., The Persuader and Andre Lodemann. Now he’s looking forward to the next event. Still a secret but it will be a good dub-deep stuff from the European scene. Check out our calendar to find out more.

When I listen to the podcast it’s like a warp back in times for me. Back to the positive and intelligent house music which is now bit behind the all-around techno. He’s saying that this mix reflects his musical journey so it contains the good old-timers as well as the new stuff he currently likes. It’s something which works well when on the dance floor, at the bar or in your living room. But it’s not the grey techy house where you can’t distinguish between tracks. I recalled a legendary track “House music will never die” and I think this set is the prove that house music is still relevant and has something to say.

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