Podcast #020 | DMIT.RY

Podcast #020 | DMIT.RY

18. 09. 2017, podcast

Dmitrij Malyšev | dMIT.RY | Age 32

Well known guy from Prague’s electronic scene and boss of Neo Violence label. Energetic debater and man with strong opinions for everything. You don’t need to agree with him all the time but the fact is that he has an influence and respect.

I remember him ten years ago from those nu-rave parties where I thought that he’s the foreign headliner. Many things has changed since then – no more controllers and shrieky electro sounds but rather deep and more mature sounds. Moreover he founded his own label called Neo Violence which has already released multiple EPs and compilations. You can find the releases also in distribution of Lobster Theremin label in London, well done! All that together with app tester day job where he has a chance to listen to the new material. We hope his boss doesn’t read this.

Back in the days, Neo Violence label started as a reflection of speedy and raw electro which was pounding around the dance floors. Maybe you recall: we -> are -> your-> friends and so on. Damn, it’s been already eight years ago. It’s a question whether the name is still up-to-date these days but according to Dmitrij it’s still representing him and his personality. Today the sound of Neo Violence is somewhere around lo-fi which is not a bad thing. As he’s saying lo-fi sound was here all the time but it just wasn’t that trendy.

Thanks to the label he got a chance to play in multiple clubs around his homeland which was definitively a great experience so far. The fact that you’re out of the comfort zone of well known places where you play regularly is priceless. And you try the proper DJ lifestyle as well.

Besides the gigs and his label there are also regular nights in various clubs in Prague. Mutations is one of them and so far there were multiple great bookings like Florian Kupfer, Basic Soul Unit and Credit 00. That also shows the taste he’s interested in today. You can see it for yourself this Friday in Ankali where Neo Violence, XYZ project and Good Vibes crew invited Ozel AB and Dmitrij will of course play as well.

His podcast for Prague-Up is actually a bit different than the label production. Jazzy tracks which you wouldn’t expect from him today. But we think you will enjoy them anyway because it’s also part of his taste and personality. So when you meet Dmitrij next time, ask him for his current top five and maybe you would be surprised what his answers to you. Which keeps you moving forward and that’s what it’s all about.

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