Podcast #019 | SMETI

Podcast #019 | SMETI

27. 08. 2017, podcast

Vojtěch Smetana | Smeti | Age 34

“No retreat, no surrender!”

Vojtěch did his first steps in music production in age of 14 when he tried to copy The Prodigy. It has been few years since then and today he listens to DJ sets and watches various tutorials and videos from gigs around the world. Other than that he´s inspired by soundtracks, design or photos. Almost after five years of production chill-out he passed creativity crisis and started again. He hooked with the great UK label Oleeva Records and he also made it to electronic stage of Colours of Ostrava. Occasionally he makes sound design for Fontana studio.

Here in Prague you could have listened to Smeti project e.g. in Punctum club within Žižkovská Noc, at Avoid Café where he was invited by DJ Spigl (Axaminer Recordings) or you can catch him up in Dejvická Klubovna where he keeps having gigs with Iob or you can come to his session with Duck the Mainstream on the 13th Oct. He used to play several times also at Kabinet Můz in Brno where he is always happy to come back.

Vojtěch admits that his music expression calmed down latelay similarly to his life. He loves relaxed tracks but when it comes to full moon he gets a tension to create something more experimental. He would love to work on film and video games soundtracks in the future.

Prague-Up podcast presents tracks especially from Oleeva Records label which is quite a new label founded by two friends based in the UK and US. They managed to attract lots of artists all over the world for cooperation and they created a great community with family atmosphere. They focus mainly on atmospheric and calm techno production.

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