Podcast #018 | FLEIKA

Podcast #018 | FLEIKA

15. 08. 2017, podcast

CUKR plenér | Divoká Šárka camp | 29 07 17

Fleika is quite noticeable figure of today’s Prague techno scene. He begun to emerge on the local club surface about four years ago and he haven’t slowed down ever since. He is relentless in crafting his own sound and in his approach to put sets together. True selector, who is always loyal to the sound he chose at the very beginning. Deep, dreamy and always driving forward feeling keeps surprising the ravers with the unusual hi-hat rhythms, sounds and echoes that recounts the story.

His never ending b2b sessions with his bro Higgins from Cukr crew are becoming an institution. Especially the closing sets which can go easily for ten hours. This one was recorded just before one of those never ending sessions at CUKR plener party.

His other half remains in the project Karst together with his Polygon inmate Sinnan. They produced a track for two recent compilations together with the rest of the Prague based crew. Both are stacking hardware and experimenting with production. We’re sure that something new will come up soon.

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