Podcast #016 | MIKE.H

Podcast #016 | MIKE.H

11. 05. 2017, podcast

Michal Průcha | Mike.H | Age 29 |

“Psychedelia, shamanism, witchcraft. “

Apparently Mike fell in love with electronic music thanks to one of his good friends who gave him a CD with Blank & Jones podcast from Trance Energy in the year 2002. Even though he didn’t understand it much, it made him curious that he started to learn how to mix tracks together. Much more later he changed the gear to turntables. Trance doesn’t belong to his favorites anymore, but still there is some kind of influence heard.

Five years ago he started to organize SEED parties together with his friends Ondřej and Vítek. These go on till today. They were proud to invite such names as Ricardo Tobar, Gonno, Vercetti Technicolor or Steffen Bennemann. Moreover Michal had gigs with his idols as Barnt, Red Axes, Fairmont or The Orb. Regular Radio 1 show Cluster followed later with the cooperation of Ondřej.  Sometimes he helps to organize also Mosaik parties where Aisha Devi or Samuel Kerridge were invited.

Michal gets mainly inspired by krautrock, minimalism and traditional Indian music. Atmosphere, psychedelia and melody play an important role in his music. Gigs are not his full time job and as he says, it would be quite difficult because his taste is really specific. Fortunately his work got very close to Prague music scene lately.

His podcast is a nice example of what Michal really likes. He is interested in some kind of development within his sets. And you can feel it also here. He starts in a quiet way as if a party just starts and club door get open. In seventy minutes you can actually experience the whole party from the start to the very end. It doesn’t sound like what we all hear on the dance floors around, but rather like a touch of psychedelia, shamanism and witchcraft.

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