Podcast #015 | MNTP

Podcast #015 | MNTP

04. 04. 2017, podcast

Pavel Zinga, MNTP | Unfriendly Friend | Age 38 |

“Mono Is Not My Type”

It all started in in 1997 while having his first gigs in Dečín’s community center. Turntables accompany him since 2000 followed by era of digital djing. From the very beginning he liked to play raw industrial techno, however since 2003 he started to be interested in slower minimal sound. In fact his techno has been always influenced by minimal and the other way around.

Year 2004 was a blast for him as he had a gig at United Islands of Prague festival and that warp him to the local techno elite. He became part of projects and parties as Minimos, Solo, Le Kunt D’arc, Connect Yourself, Shotgun, Roots of Sound, Cosmic Trip, Cink Ping and more. He was also lucky to play with such names as James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, 65D Mavericks, Luke Slater, Dave Angel, Rolando, Inigo Kennedy, Makaton, Smash TV, Marko Nastic and many more.

DJ Monotype witnessed a lot on our techno scene as he lived his artistic freedom dream but lately he rather focused on production than djing. As MNTP live he throws a live gig two times a year. Except of that you can rather meet him while cycling in Brdy, Divoká Šárka or Prokopské údolí. In fact Pavel always admired the darker spots.

His podcast is a kind of a journey into his mind, a space trip between his thoughts that are sometimes talking louder but sometimes quietly whispering.

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04. 04. 2016, podcast