Aleš Rumpel | Mezipatra, Patra and next? interview: Aleš Rumpel | Mezipatra, Patra etc.

Aleš Rumpel | Mezipatra, Patra and next?

We met Aleš Rumpel on an early autumn afternoon when waiters in Krymská street were setting the tables and getting ready for their next long shift. Read More

08. 11. 2017, interview

Kristýna Holubová interview: Kristýna Holubová | Coworking at Svět HUB

Kristýna Holubová

Some great ideas will come to you unexpectedly, for example after a several days long party. Read More

13. 10. 2017, interview

Pierre Urban interview: Pierre Urban | about Radio 1 and music scene

Pierre Urban

Prague Radio 1 is a phenomenon, the first alternative radio in the Czech Republic, that raised more than one generation of listeners but also brought up a number of DJs and moderators. What is it like to work at in institution as legendary as this one? Read More

15. 08. 2017, interview

Lorenzo Cross interview: Lorenzo Cross | about club and moon trip

Lorenzo Cross

There was one particular crossroads that proved to be the fate for Lorenzo. A friend of his took him to the basement of one abandoned building in Holesovice where a print shop used to operate during the day and heavy punk parties would take over at night. Read More

27. 05. 2017, interview

Matej Koci interview:

Matej Koci

Professional epicurismus as a life-style and a former non-stop as a "new catch-up point" at Strossmayerovo namesti. Read More

02. 05. 2017, interview

Eliska Lhotska & Ondrej Vicena interview:

Eliska Lhotska & Ondrej Vicena

About Koncept Story and ZARI gallery, about Eliska’s jewelry and Ondrej’s vintage glasses, about Prague and Zelezny Brod, about applied art and glass art. Read More

19. 03. 2017, interview

Ondrej Hrab interview:

Ondrej Hrab

The date of our interview with Ondrej Hrab, the director of Divadlo Archa, had been left unconfirmed and up-in-the-air for so long that it eventually fell on November 17. Read More

11. 12. 2016, interview

Oldrich Sic Jr. interview:

Oldrich Sic Jr.

Getting things done can be difficult. Especially if you try to multitask and have to keep in mind 1000 other things that need to be done. Read More

19. 11. 2015, interview

Janek Ruzicka interview:

Janek Ruzicka

When I asked Janek for an interview he had only one condition – to do it while walking. Read More

19. 11. 2015, interview

Simona Brozova interview:

Simona Brozova

“Hello Simona,…we have met at DOX. It was the last day of The Poster in the Clash of Ideologies 1914 – 2014 exhibit Read More

18. 11. 2015, interview