#03 Podcast PLUS | DJ BORING

#03 Podcast PLUS | DJ BORING

09. 07. 2017, podcast

Hedone | Villa Štvanice | 05 07 17 |

For two years already Hedone parties take place at different venues around Prague. These events are powered by a group of expats who have a great connection to the international scene. This allows them to bring here the interesting headliners from the famous labels. Hedone is a synonym for pleasure, joy and delight. And this is also the philosophy of Hedone crew. From the very beginning they are really focused on high quality sound and visuals and thanks to that they managed to build up a strong community around them.

They kicked off their first two parties in MeetFactory and later on changed the venue to Futurum or Underdog’s. In the previous eight parties they introduced in Prague artists like: German live projects SNTS and Lars Huisman, Spanish techno DJ Svreca from Semantica Records, DJ Rommek and London’s techno label Blueprint Records, the Japanese producer Iori with his unique sound combining bouncy rhythms and grand atmospheric synth layers, DJ Matrixxman and the Italian producer The Noisemaker, serving hypnotic of ofaggressive music with acid and metal beats.

As all Hedone parties were mostly hypnotic and dark so far, they decided to make a change for this summer and organized a day-time open-air in groovy mood. The bank holiday on the 5th of July was an ideal day for that. And villa Štvanice seemed to be a perfect place for such an event – both outdoor and indoor. As a headliner they invited DJ Boring, the buzz name of currently popular and sometimes controversial lo-fi style. This guy got a big attention not only thanks to his weird nickname but also thanks to his “90’s” track  “Winona”. That tune reached on YouTube over two millions plays, however DJ Boring doesn’t appear to identify with the lo-fi scene at all, saying: “The music I make depends on how I feel at the time, not because I want it to sound in a particular way. I don’t really classify my music as one particular genre; I make all kinds of music and hope it appeals to everyone.” DJ Boring mixed old and familiar tracks quite fast, however there was no time to get bored and the dance floor was full till the morning even though it was truly foggy. As we recorded the set for you, feel free to make your own judgement.


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